The best place to level up to get a Steel Sword, which you will need to fight crabs and goblins. However, you cannot find any armor, and as such, you will need to go 'Into the Wild', to progress.Town


King's HouseEdit

King's House

King's House Loot

Loot containing Steel Sword

This is where you will find the King and a chest that holds a Steel Sword.

Rat Infested HouseEdit

Rat Infested House

Rat Infested House Chest

Chest after defeating rats

Rat Infested House Loot

Loot containing Leather Armor

A Rat Infested house with health potion spawns. Defeating all rats rewards the player with a chest containing Leather Armor

Professor's HouseEdit

Professor's House

The Professor's house. Invented the Health Potion and Firefox Potion.

Macbook GuyEdit

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Rat Infested CaveEdit

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