Scientists House

Health Potion is the most commonly found healing item in BrowserQuest. It's a small vial filled with red liquid. It heals up to 40 Health Points.

Looted From:

  • Rat
  • Crab
  • Bat
  • Goblin
    Rat House
  • Skeleton
  • Snake
  • Ogre
  • Greater Skeleton
  • Evil Eye
  • Spectre
Preparation Cave

Found in:

  • Scientist's House (1)
  • Two Bridges Cave (1, in a chest)
  • Rat House (2)
  • Skeleton King Chamber (2)
  • Skeleton King Preparation Cave (6)

The only two monsters that do not drop Healing Potion are Death Knight and Skeleton King.

Upon Picking Up: "You drink a health potion"