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There are 28 achievements (20 in the Browser version) in BrowserQuest, which are unlocked after performing a related action.

A True WarriorEdit

A True Warrior
Find a new weapon
Can be found easily through chests, natural spawns, or killing enemies.

Into the WildEdit

Into the Wild
Simply exit the starting village. Be cautious of enemies that spawn in the wild.

Angry RatsEdit

Angry Rats
Kill 10 rats
Rats are most commonly found within the village starting point or in some dungeons.

Small TalkEdit

Small Talk
Talk to a non-player character
Talk to any NPC within the game. There are numerous in the starting village. NPC's will change your mouse cursor to a question mark when you hover over them. If you happen to find a special NPC, you will get the Rickrolled achievement (check Rickrolled for more).

Fat LootEdit

Fat Loot
Get a new armor set
Similar to the "True Warrior" achievement, can be found in chests, natural spawns, or from enemies.


Explore at least one cave
There are many caves scattered throughout the wilderness. Be warned of enemies that dwell within.

At World´s EndEdit

At World's End
Reach the south shore
Head south until you reach the beach and walk along the coast.


Successfully escape an enemy
Get an aggressive enemy to attack you by walking by it, then run away. This is easiest with slower enemies, such as ogres.  The best way to escape is going through a doorway or cave entrance.

Tomb RaiderEdit

Tomb Raider
Find the graveyard
The skeletal graveyard is located in the northwestern portion of the map and contains spawns for armour or weapons.

Skull CollectorEdit

Skull Collector
Kill 10 skeletons
Skeletons are located commonly in mid-ranged wilderness and the skeletal graveyard. North of village.

Ninja LootEdit

Get an item you didn't fight for. In other words, when someone else kills a monster, take the item that drops before they can, and you'll get the achievement.

No Man's LandEdit

No Man's Land
Travel through the desert
The desert is right after the forest in mid-ranged wilderness, directly before the volcanic region.


Kill 50 enemies
Though this should come easily throughout the course of the game, once completed if this has been unachieved simply go farm kill weak enemies such as rats or crabs.

Still AliveEdit

Still Alive
Revive your character five times
If this achievement is not achieved naturally, just go next to aggresive enemies and do not attack. Do not worry about dying, for you spawn with all equipment intact at the nearest region.


Take 5,000 points of damage
Follow the same strategy as the "Still Alive" achievement above, but use weaker enemies so as to not die. Then simply wait.

Hot SpotEdit

Hot Spot
Enter the volcanic mountains
The volcanic mountains are located in deep wilderness, as far north of the village as possible.


Defeat the boss
The boss is a large skeleton located in a cave in the volcanic region. Although not extraordinarily tough, ganging up will make the boss quite easy. A chest appears with golden armour and the boss will drop the ultimate sword after it's death. Make sure to use the health and Firefox potions!


Find the firefox costume
This costume is temporarily attained through consuming orange potions (the red potions supply health). It lasts approximately 10 seconds: health points are not taken away in the course of its effect. They are located in numerous places, including a house in the starting village, but tend to be taken quickly by other players. These are very useful if in need of aid to beat the final boss.

For ScienceEdit

For Science
Enter into a portal
Stationed east-southeast, a pair of portals [(primary) blue and (secondary) orange] would be found. On the ledge which you appear from, assuming that you went throught first teleporter, the cake is a lie (**NOTE: it does respawn after a while).  Eat this to earn the achievement.


Browser Astley

A player awaits being Rick Roll'd

Take some singing lessons
To find Rick Astley and complete this achievement, head northeast of the village and find three giants and four posts outside of a cave. Enter the cave and go through the doors in this order:
  1. Top right
  2. Top right
  3. Bottom left (The same one you came out of)

Once you find the NPC, talk to him to receive the achievement.

Let's Fight!Edit

Join a PvP battle
Its Easy just go to the house on the bottom left

VIP PlayerEdit

Kill 10 other players

Team PlayerEdit

Win 10 PvP battles

A Rare MetalEdit

Pick up a platinum armor and sword

Level 5Edit

Become a level 5 player

Level 10Edit

Become a level 10 player

Level 15Edit

Become a level 15 player

Level 20Edit

Become a level 20 player