Cloth Armor Edit


The starting attire. It provides little protection and you start with it by default. If I saw some one beat the Skeleton King by them self with no armor or I would be very surprised. Or It could be hacks.

Damage Absorbed: 1~3; Max HP: 80

Leather Armor Edit

Leather Armor

This is essentially starter's armor and can be obtained by killing a Crab. It's also found in some lower-level chests.

Damage Absorbed: 2~6; Max HP: 110; Dropped by Goblins, Crabs

Chain Mail Armor Edit

Mail Armor

This armor is stronger than the leather armor and is found in certain treasure chests and sometimes by killing ogres.

Damage Absorbed: 3~9; Max HP: 140; Dropped By Skeletons, Snakes

Plate Armor Edit

Plate Armor

Damage Absorbed: 4~12; Max HP: 170; Dropped by Ogres, Greater Skeletons

Ruby Red Armor Edit

Ruby Armor

Found at the end of a cave, in a chest, in the volcanic area.

Also dropped by reapers, and eyeballs in the volcano area, and are also shown in the "challenge"  where 4 reapers are surrounding a gravestone, after you kill all four a chest should appear and hold a Ruby Armor or Blazing Sword. Also found in "the end of a cave, in a chest, in a volcanic area"

Damage Absorbed: 15~20; Max HP: 200; Dropped By Spectre, Eyeballs

Golden Armor Edit

Obtained After Defeating the Skeleton King ( Boss ).

Damage Absorbed: 20~25 Max Hp: 250: Dropped By Skeleton King.

Platinum Armor Edit


Only attainable in the updated version of BrowserQuest. Obtained from a chest in the center of the PVP area near three white pillars after winning a match. This is the strongest armor in the game. It's so damn hard to get.